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Kristyn Pellecchia

Health Sciences Clinical Assistant Professor - Family Medicine/Palliative Psychiatry

Kristyn Pellecchia

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Education and Training

  • Fellowship, Palliative Medicine/Psychiatry, San Diego Hospice and the Institute for Palliative Medicine, San Diego, California
  • M.S.N., Psychiatry and Mental Health, California State University, Long Beach, Long Beach, California
  • Masters Entry in Program in Nursing, University of San Diego, San Diego, California
  • Master of Marine Affairs, University of Washington School of Marine Affairs, Seattle, Washington
  • B.S., Biology, Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, California


Kristyn Pellecchia, P.M.H.N.P-B.C., is an assistant clinical professor of neuroscience at the UC Riverside School of Medicine. Her primary interest is working in palliative and hospice care, providing psychiatric support to patients with severe medical illness. In addition, she works in geriatric psychiatry as a consultant to skilled nursing facilities.

Pellecchia worked as a psychiatric nurse practitioner at the UC San Diego Mother Child and Adolescent Program where she provided psychiatric care as part of an interdisciplinary team to HIV-positive mothers with substance abuse issues.  She also provided HIV psychiatric care in the UCSD Owen Clinic to the broader HIV population.

She began her medical career as a nurse in a telemetry unit before joining the San Diego Hospice where she provided care for the dying and mentally ill. She earned her degree as a nurse practitioner in psychiatric care, then became the first nurse practitioner admitted to the palliative psychiatry fellowship at the San Diego Hospice and Institute for Palliative Medicine.

Research Summary

Pellecchia's interests include education of providers in palliative care, end-of-life care, and evidence-based psychiatric and substance abuse treatment for HIV-positive women and their families.


  • Advanced Education Nursing Training Scholarship, 2010.
  • C. Conrow Henderson Scholarship, 2010.
  • CSULB Nursing Department Scholarship, 2010.

Recent Publications

  • Pellecchia, K, A. Roeschlein and J. Lewis. “Breaking Down Silos: Conjoint substance abuse and psychiatric care for women living with HIV”, submitted for publication.
  • Ideker, K. A Psychometric Evaluation of a Modified Karnofsky Scale in a Large Hospice Organization. Master’s Thesis. California State University Long Beach. 2011.
  • Ideker, K., & Todicheeney-Mannes, D., & Kim, S.C. A confirmatory study of M55 violence risk assessment tool and demographic predictors of patient violence, Journal of Advanced Nursing. 2011.
  • Kim, S.C., Ideker, K, & Todicheeney-Mannes, D. Usefulness of Aggressive Behavior Risk Assessment Tool (ABRAT) for Prospectively Identifying Violent Patients in Medical-Surgical Units, Journal of Advanced Nursing. 2011.

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