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Andrew Subica

Assistant Professor, Center for Healthy Communities
Ph.D., Psychology, University of Hawaii, Manoa, 2011

Andrew Subica

Andrew Subica is a health services researcher and assistant professor of psychiatry at the University of California, Riverside School of Medicine.

His current research addresses the intersection of health and mental health disparities among vulnerable populations including persons of color, individuals with psychiatric disabilities, survivors of trauma, individuals experiencing homelessness, and refugees. He is particularly concerned with improving evidence-based treatments, services, and public policies for underserved individuals using community-based participatory action research, deliberative, and mixed methodologies. Other areas of study include multiracial identity, acculturation, and well-being, clinical assessment, and spirituality for culturally responsive stress coping and wellness.

Subica came to UCR after working as a senior research associate at the Loyola Marymount University’s Psychology Applied Research Center, where he collaborated with community-based organizations to develop and evaluate local and national community organizing and health services projects addressing health, education, environmental, and criminal justice issues affecting low-income, communities of color.

Prior to that, he trained as a NIH-funded mental health scholar in serious mental illness at the University of Southern California's Clinical and Translational Science Institute, and a postdoctoral clinical fellow in psychosocial rehabilitation at the Doris Miller Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center.

Selected Publications

  • Subica, A., Kaplan, C., Wietse, T., & Jong, J. (2017). Predicting the mental health and functioning of torture survivors. Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease. Epub ahead of print: doi: 10.1097/NMD.0000000000000678
  • Subica, A. and Yamada, A-M. (2017). Development of a spirituality-infused cognitive behavioral intervention for individuals with serious mental illnesses. Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal. Epub ahead of print: doi: 10.1037/prj0000102
  • Subica A., Grills, C., Villanueva, S., & Douglas, J. Community organizing for healthier communities: Environmental and policy outcomes of a national initiative. American Journal of Preventive Medicine. In Press.
  • Subica, A., Grills, C., Douglas, J., & Villanueva, S. Communities of color creating healthy environments to combat childhood obesity. American Journal of Public Health, 106, 79-86. 2016.
  • Subica, A., Fowler, J.C., Elhai, J., Frueh, B.C., Sharp, C., Kelly, E., & Allen, J.  Factor structure and diagnostic validity of the Beck Depression Inventory-II with adult clinical inpatients: Comparison to a gold-standard diagnostic interview. Psychological Assessment, 26, 1106-1115. 2014.
  • Subica, A. The psychiatric and physical sequelae of childhood physical and sexual abuse and forced sexual trauma among individuals with serious mental illness. Journal of Traumatic Stress, 26, 588-596. 2013.
  • Subica, A., Claypoole, K., & Wylie, A. PTSD's mediation of the relationships between trauma, depression, substance abuse, mental health, and physical health in individuals with severe mental illness: Evaluating a comprehensive model. Schizophrenia Research, 136, 104-109. 2012.

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