University of California, Riverside

School of Medicine

Faculty Biographies

Paul M. Quinton

Professor of Biomedical Sciences, UCR
Nancy MacCracken Chair in Pediatric Pulmonary Medicine
Department of Pediatrics, UCSD School of Medicine

Paul Quinton

University of California, Riverside
Riverside, CA 92521

Tel: (619) 543-2884
Fax: (619) 543-5642
Office: UC San Diego - UCSD Hillcrest Hospital

Education and Training

  • Ph.D.  Cell Biology, Rice University 1971

Research Summary

Our laboratory is located in the research complex of the UCSD Hillcrest Hospital in San Diego. We focus on the basic defects and malfunctions associated with the fatal, hereditary disease cystic fibrosis (CF). Biomedical research activity on CF has exploded during the past decade such that virtually all areas of medical science have been brought to bear in this disease. Our expertise is in fluid and electrolyte transport which means that we largely use electrophysiological techniques to explore these problems; we also employ ratiometric fluorescence, immunocytochemical and molecular biology approaches as well. We generally investigate freshly isolated human tissues. Current areas of investigation include: G-protein control of ion channels, the composition and control of human airway fluids, and processes controlling HCO3- movements through the anion channel affected in cystic fibrosis, CFTR.


  • AAAS Fellow, 2000.

Selected Publications

  • Reddy, M.M., and Quinton, P.M. cAMP-Independent Phosphorylation Activation of CFTR by G-proteins in the Native Sweat Duct. Am. J. Physiology, 280(N3):C604-613, 2001.
  • Reddy, M.M., and Quinton, P.M. Apical Heterotrimeric G-Proteins Activate CFTR in the Native Sweat Duct. Membrane Biol. V179(N1):51-61, 2001.
  • Quinton, P.M., News and Views -- HCO3-, the Neglected ion. Nature Medicine, 7(#3): 292-293, 2001.
  • Quinton, P.M. and Reddy, M.M. CFTR, a Rectifying, Non-rectifying Anion Channel? Korean J. of Medical Science 15:S17-S20, 2000.
  • Reddy, M.M., Light, M. and Quinton, P.M. 1999. Activation of the epithelial Na+ channel (EnaC) requires CFTR Cl- channel function. Nature 402: 301-304.
  • Quinton, P.M. 1999. History of Cystic Fibrosis: A Physiological Perspective. In Physiol. Reviews, eds. W. Boron and R. Frizzell. Am. Physiol. Soc. 79 (1): S3-S22.
  • Reddy, M.M. and Quinton, P.M. 1999. Bumetanide blocks CFTR GCl in the native sweat duct. Am. J. Physiol. 276: C231-C237.
  • Reddy, M.M. and Quinton, P.M. 1998. pH regulation of phosphorylation of CFTR. Am. J. Physiol. 275: C1040-C1047.
  • Reddy, M.M. and Quinton, P.M. 1997. Cystic fibrosis affects specific cell type in cystic fibrosis. Am. J. Physiol. 273: C426-C433.

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