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Daniel S. Straus

Professor Emeritus of Biomedical Sciences

Daniel Straus

University of California, Riverside
Riverside, CA 92521

Tel: (951) 827-5612
Fax: (951) 827-5504
Office: 2278 Webber Hall

Education and Training

  • Ph.D., Biochemistry, UC Berkeley, 1972

Research Summary

Research in my lab is focused on an improved understanding of molecular mechanisms for regulation of mammalian gene expression. We are currently studying the anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer activity of ligands for the PPAR nuclear receptors. Our studies of inflammation utilize mice in which the interleukin 10 gene is knocked out. These mice spontaneously develop inflammatory bowel disease with immunopathology similar to Crohn's disease in humans. We have recently demonstrated that the PPARγ ligand rosiglitazone has therapeutic activity in this mouse model. Our studies of the anti-cancer activity of PPAR ligands are currently centered on multiple myeloma and other hematological malignancies.

Selected Publications

  • Lau, C., Lytle, C., Straus, D.S., and DeFea K.A. 2011. Apical and basolateral pools of proteinase-activated receptor- 2 direct distinct signaling events in the intestinal epithelium. Am. J. Physiol. Cell Physiol. 300: C113-123.
  • Dunn, S.E., Bhat, R., Straus, D.S., Sobel, R.A., Axtell, R., Johnson, A., Nguyen, K., Mukundan, L., Moshkova, M., Dugas, J.C., Chawla, A., and Steinman, L. 2010. Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor delta limits the expansion of pathogenic Th cells during central nervous system autoimmunity. J. Exp. Med. 207:1599-608.
  • Straus, D.S. 2009. Design of small molecules targeting transcriptional activation by NF-kappaB: overview of recent advances. Expert Opinion on Drug Discovery 4: 823-836.
  • Bajwa, P.J., Lee, J.W., Straus, D.S., and Lytle, C. 2009. Activation of PPAR gamma by rosiglitazone attenuates intestinal Cl- secretion. Am. J. Physiol. Gastrointest. Liver Physiol. 297: G82-G89.
  • Lee, J.W., Wang, P., Kattah, M.G., Youssef, S., Steinman, L., DeFea, K. and Straus, D.S. 2008. Differential regulation of chemokines by IL-17 in colonic epithelial cells. J. Immunol. 181: 6536-6545.
  • Ye, J., Lee, J.W., Presley, L.L., Bent, E., Wei, B., Braun, J., Schiller, N.L., Straus, D.S. and Borneman, J. 2008. Bacteria and bacterial rRNA genes associated with the development of colitis in IL-10-/- mice. Inflammatory Bowel Diseases 14:1041-1050.
  • Straus, D.S. and Glass, C.K. 2007 Anti-inflammatory actions of PPAR ligands: new insights on cellular and molecular mechanisms. Trends in Immunology 28: 551-558.
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  • Lytle, C., Tod, T.J., Vo, K.T., Lee, J.W., Atkinson, R.D. and Straus D.S. 2005. The peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma ligand rosiglitazone delays the onset of inflammatory bowel disease in mice with interleukin 10 deficiency. Inflammatory Bowel Diseases 11: 231-243.
  • Campo, P.A., Das, S., Hsiang, C-H., Bui, T., Samuel, C.E. and Straus. D.S. 2002. Translational regulation of cyclin D1 by 15-deoxy-Δ12-14-prostaglandin J2. Cell Growth & Differentiation 13: 409-420.
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  • Straus, D.S., Pascual, G., Li, M., Welch, J.S., Ricote, M., Hsiang, C.-H., Sengchanthalangsy, L.L., Ghosh, G. and Glass, C.K. 2000. 15-Deoxy-D12,14-prostaglandin J2 inhibits multiple steps in the NF-kB signaling pathway. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 97: 4844-4849.
  • Marten, N.W., Hsiang, C.-H., Yu, L., Stollenwerk, N.S. and Straus. D.S. 1999. Functional activity of hepatocyte nuclear factor-I is specifically decreased in amino acid-limited hepatoma cells. Biochim. Biophys. Acta 1447: 160-174.
  • Hsiang, C.H., Marten, N.W. and D.S. Straus. 1999. Upstream region of rat serum albumin gene promoter contributes to promoter activity: presence of functional binding site for hepatocyte nuclear factor-3. Biochem. J. 338: 241-249.
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