University of California, Riverside

School of Medicine

Medical Education Program

The Medical Education Program Curriculum

The goal of the School of Medicine is to prepare our graduates for distinguished careers in clinical practice, teaching, research, and public service.

Years 1 & 2

The curriculum in Years 1 & 2 will integrate the science of human biology and disease, recognizing that medicine is a multi-faceted discipline that pulls simultaneously from many aspects of science to focus on the medical concerns of individual patients. Years 1 & 2 will also introduce students to fundamental clinical skills. Instruction will be driven by cases explored in small groups, laboratories, conferences, clinical skills workshops and independent study.

There are five instructional blocks in the first year, focusing primarily on an integrated approach to human biological systems. Also in Year 1, students will begin their three-year Longitudinal Ambulatory Care Experience where they will see a panel of patients under the supervision of a physician-mentor. In Year 2, there are four instructional blocks, focusing on disease processes, followed by a one-week integrative assessment module.

Years 3 & 4

Students in Years 3 & 4 will complete eight clerkship rotations, spending one week of each clerkship in a community or public setting. This will give them the opportunity to participate in the care of patients in diverse settings while gaining experience and understanding of the health care needs of the community. Selectives and electives will be offered in Year 4, and students will also complete a community project that will lead to a scholarly presentation.

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