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Post-doctoral positions in chemical biology and cellular pharmacology

Post-doctoral positions are available at the University of California Riverside, School of Medicine, in Prof. Maurizio Pellecchia’s laboratory. The laboratory focuses on the design, synthesis and evaluation of novel pharmacological tools in the areas of cancer and neurodegeneration using innovative drug discovery approaches. The overall goal of the laboratory is to bring together basic sciences including modern nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (NMR) techniques, X-ray crystallography, computer modeling, peptide and medicinal chemistry, cell biology and pharmacology, to elucidate the molecular basis of disease and to design novel pharmacological tools that serve for target validation and to develop novel therapeutic agents. A central theme of our laboratory is the development of novel methodologies to tackle protein-protein interactions (PPIs) as targets for drug discovery, and to further advance our most promising agents into pharmacological tools and therapeutics. Examples of our most recent and exciting studies can be summarized in press releases that can be found at https://news.ucr.edu/tag/maurizio-pellecchia.

Candidates with a background and/or a strong interest in refining their skills in cellular pharmacology, peptide and medicinal chemistry, biophysical approaches to ligand-protein interactions, and/or in structure-based drug design, are encouraged to apply directly via email to Maurizio.Pellecchia@ucr.edu. Please submit a recent resume that includes name and email addresses of two references.