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Researchers from Around the World Coming to Riverside for Biennial Conference on Parasite
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Smartphones showing several videos from the MadMedicine TikTok account
Learning About Health on TikTok
In a recent TikTok video, a young woman demonstrates curling her hair by holding it inside a public restroom hand dryer. The video cuts to Mutahir Farhan, a fourth-year medical student at the UC Riverside School of Medicine and owner of the TikTok account @madmedicine.
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School of Medicine education building construction
New School of Medicine building beginning to take shape
Construction work on a new School of Medicine building is continuing to make progress. A large tower crane has been stationed at the construction site on the east side of campus in the last couple months as crews put up walls, columns, and components of the building structure.
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New center on campus to focus on RNA’s role in biology and medicine
Ribonucleic acid, or RNA, is present in all living cells. Most often single-stranded, RNA is the lesser known cousin of the double-stranded DNA. It is, however, important to basic cell biology — in coding, decoding, regulating, and expressing genes — and for diagnosing human disease. The body uses RNA to construct cells, respond to immune challenges, and transport amino acids within cells.
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Escalona family reviewing Standardized Patient resources at a table
Teaching Students as a Family
The medical student had barely entered the examination room when the woman inside started shouting. “I thought I could trust you!” she yelled, hurling a stream of criticism about her medical treatment.
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Student wearing KN95 mask.
Is there still a benefit to masking?
UC Riverside epidemiologist weighs in on how protective your mask is when nobody around you is masked
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masked passenger
To mask, or not to mask?
To gauge whether scientists agree with popular sentiment around mask wearing, we check in here with three UC Riverside virologists and epidemiologists.
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One person puts money into another person's hand
Payment shapes research participation decisions
Study used data from a national survey of people living with HIV
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