A Community-Based Medical School for the 21st Century


Becoming a Community-Based Faculty Member

The UC Riverside School of Medicine is proud to have more than 1,000 community clinicians who teach our medical students the application of clinical and basic sciences in the areas of patient care. These appointments are a valuable way to utilize the interest and experience of practitioners on a part-time, volunteer, unsalaried basis in the areas of teaching, patient care, and clinical research.

The types of appointments include:

  • Clinical Instructor
  • Assistant Clinical Professor
  • Associate Clinical Professor
  • Full Clinical Professor

How to Apply

Physicians who wish to become clinical faculty should submit their up-to-date CV via email to cbfaculty@medsch.ucr.edu. The CV will be routed to the appropriate coordinator.

After submission, the coordinator will work with the chair of the specialty to complete the Appointment Summary Request Form. The CV and form will be submitted to the Office of Academic Affairs for committee review. Upon approval, the physician will receive an appointment letter which will need to be signed and returned.

The full process takes from four to eight weeks to complete.


This program is not for faculty who hold a position at UCR Health or UC affiliated health providers who have been credentialed through the medical staff office.

Non-physicians, e.g. psychologists, may be appointed  in the clinical faculty series as long as they have the terminal degree and a state license to practice in the field, as well as certification of registration by a national society when available.