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HCAP 23-24

UCR Health Clinical & Administrative Program (CAP)


The UCR Health Clinical & Administrative Program is an internship for pre-health students looking for a combination of clinical and administrative experience. Ideal candidates are professional, reliable, punctual and have an interest in healthcare.

This is a non-paid internship, but includes professional development opportunities, clinical exposure, and hands-on administrative experience.

The application cycle for the 2023-2024 academic year is closed. Every spring quarter, we have an application cycle for those who wish to join the UCR Health Clinical and Administrative Program for the following year’s cohort.

For questions, please email UCR-Health-CAP@medsch.ucr.edu. You may also visit our LinkedIn page and our Instagram page.

UCR Health CAP Information Session

CAP Leadership

Staff Advisors

Krystal Rivas
Director of Ambulatory Operations, UCR Health

Student Leadership

Director: Leo Chan
Associate Director: Kaitlyn Han
Clinical Lead:
Mariam Bedrossian
Administrative Lead: Hasan Ismail
Operations Lead: Arnav Kacker
Promotions Lead: Erin Ku


Interns will assist the UCR Health staff in the following areas.

Clinical Departments

Multispecialty Clinic

  • Family Medicine
  • Internal Medicine
  • Pediatrics
  • Pain management
  • Endocrine
  • Neurology

Administrative Departments

Billing & Finance

  • Reconcile surgeries
  • Surgery operation reports

Compliance Advisory Services

  • Compliance Advisory Services website
  • Compliance blog and newsletter


  • Digital website & newsletter
  • Physician profiles & social media platforms

Project Management

  • Keeping track of action items for UCR Health.
  • Assisting with process mapping and taking minutes

Quality Outcomes

  • COVID-19 drive through testing
  • Flu vaccine & credentials

Medical Education

Medical Student Support and Wellness

  • Creating event flyers, wellness handouts, and Instagram wellness content.
  • Monitoring and developing wellness challenges and forms.

Medical Student Life

  • Categorizing spreadsheets, proofreading documents, and helping with PowerPoints.
  • Helping with minor event duties.

Student Affairs Leadership

  • Work with the Associate Dean for Student Affairs on developing a proposal/presentation for (1) EAP, (2) inclusion of community college students in existing admissions progress, or (3) partnership in developing an Indigenous Health internship program.

Academic Success

  • Creating forms of tutor usage and assisting with content creation.

Pathway Programs

  • Assist in developing proposals for speaker series for Pathway Program participants to promote PD, opportunities during “gap” years.
  • Assist in developing proposals for alumni network (gathering testimonials and stories).

Standardized Patients (Center for Simulated Patient Care)

  • Standardized Patients (SPs) = Trained actors portraying patients.
  • Supporting department in improving medical student curriculum.
  • Helping supply patient rooms.
  • Observing medical students as they practice examining patients.

Simulation Lab (Center for Simulated Patient Care)

  • Standardized Patients (SPs) = Trained actors portraying patients.
  • Work on projects designed to explore the diverse aspects of medical education via participation as an SP.

Responsibilities and Requirements


  • Minimum of six (6) hours per week from June 2024 - June 2025
  • Reliable transportation to the clinical & administrative offices


  • Full-time UCR undergraduate student
  • Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Strong interest in pursuing a career in and learning about all aspects of healthcare
  • All majors are welcome to apply


  • Networking with healthcare professionals
  • Clinical & patient exposure
  • Professional growth & career development
  • UCR SOM Pathway Affiliate Program
  • Experience with EPIC electronic medical records
  • Shadowing program with UCR Health

Clinical Responsibilities

  • Scanning referrals, patient information, & insurance verification
  • Calling, scheduling, & registering patients
  • Room turnovers
  • Other duties as assigned

Administrative Responsibilities

  • Work under UC Path staff
  • Create measurements for clinical projects & tableau reports
  • Create workflows/protocols/ compliance work plans
  • Pull face sheets reports for surgeries
  • Scan paper batches and file
  • Auditing
  • Other duties as assigned