School of Medicine Committees

Listed below are the major committees of the UC Riverside School of Medicine, including the Faculty Executive Committee and six standing committees as outlined in the SOM faculty bylaws. These committees are listed below.


Faculty Executive Committee

Declan McCole (Chair)
Seema Tiwari-Woodruff (Vice Chair)
Kenneth Ballou
Maegen Dupper
Marcus Kaul
Kimberly Lakes
Christian Lytle
Gerald Maguire
Meera Nair
Ramdas Pai
Andrew Subica
Administrative Contact: Andrea Morales

Clinical Appointments and Advancements Committee

Gemma Kim (Chair)
Rajesh Gulati
Afshin Molkara
Mikio Nihira
Adowa Osei
Remus Popa
Emma Simmons
Administrative Contact: Jaimee Nguyen

Graduate Advisory Committee

Byron Ford (Director)
Martin Garcia-Castro (Graduate Advisor, Admissions)
Djurdjica Coss (Graduate Advisor, Student Affairs)
Ansel Hsiao
Sean O'Leary
Hyle Park
Administrative Contact: Hermila Torres

Health Sciences Compensation Plan Advisory Committee

Gerald Maguire (Chair)
Emma Simmons (Vice Chair)
Maria Aldana
Iryna Ethell
Darren Freeman
Paul Hackman
Gemma Kim
Don Larsen
Michelle Nelson
Maurizio Pellecchia

Administrative Contact: Elizabeth Arce

LCME Compliance Committee

Maegen Dupper (Chair)
Kendrick Davis
Iryna Ethell
Christian Lytle
Linda Reimann
Emma Simmons
Administrative Contact: TBA

Medical School Admissions Committee

Takesha Cooper (Chair)
Administrative Contact: Tammy Clawson

Progress and Promotions Committee

Byron Ford (Chair)
Devin Binder
Nicholas Dipatrizio
Maegen Dupper
William Hunt
Meera Nair
Administrative Contact: Dawn Demeritte

Volunteer Clinical Appointments and Advancements Committee

Kenneth Ballou (Chair)
William Hunt (Vice Chair)
Larry Loo
Alina Popa
Joanne Witkowski
Administrative Contact: Brenda Carrion

Medical Education Committee

Christian Lytle (Chair)
Adolfo Aguilera
Kenneth Ballou
Ravi Berry
Brandon Brown
Darcy Bryan
Monica Carson
Djurdjica Coss
Scott Cramer (Student)
Kendrick Davis
Maegen Dupper
Ahmed El-Bershawi
Mo Entezampour
Iryna Ethell
Byron Ford
Eric Fox
Martin Garcia-Castro
Whitney Griffith
Rajesh Gulati
William Hunt
Rajagopal Krishnan
David Lo
Jeannie Lochhead
Larry Loo
Ahmed Mahmoud
Mary Marcinko
Declan McCole
Meera Nair
Maurizio Pellecchia
Neal Schiller
Michael Sequeira
Sumedha Sinha (Student)
Nelly Tan
Deborah Taurek
Seema Tiwari-Woodruff
Emma Wilson
Administrative Contact: Cheri Black

Faculty Mentoring Program Committee

Erica Heinrich (Chair)
Marc Debay
Adwoa Osei
Rosemary Tyrrell
Tara Nordgren
Sika Zheng
David Lo
Iryna Ethell
Djurdjica Coss
Marcus Kaul