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This page contains a list of standing committees outlined in SOM faculty bylaws, additional committees that report to the dean, subcommittees that operate under the auspices of the standing committees as codified in the faculty bylaws, and ad-hoc committees, including the LCME Institutional Self-Study Task Force.

When appropriate for privacy reasons committee membership is not listed.

School of Medicine Bylaw-Approved Standing Committees

Listed below are the standing committees of the UC Riverside School of Medicine as outlined in the SOM faculty bylaws.

Faculty Executive Committee

Marcus Kaul, Ph.D. (Chair)
Scott Pegan, Ph.D. (Vice Chair)
Kenneth Ballou, MD
Djurdjica Coss, PhD
Iryna Ethell, PhD
Rajesh "Robby" Gulati, MD
Pablo Joo, MD (Ex-officio)
Kimberly Lakes, PhD
Andrew Subica, PhD
Emma Wilson, PhD

Administrative Contact: Monique Tessier

Medical Education Committee

Sherif Hassan, MD, PhD (vice chair, ex officio non-voting)
Anne VanGarsse, MD (vice chair, ex officio non-voting)

Voting Members
Shruti Amin (MS4 student)
Rose Bishay (MS1 student)
Nicholas DiPatrizio, PhD
Martin Garcia-Castro, PhD
Isuru Karunatillaka (MS2 student)
Walter Klein, MD
Nathan McLaughlin, MD 
Adwoa Osei, MD
Sunil Patel, MD
Remus Popa, MD
Mahfoud Saddi (MS3 student)
Mario Sims, PhD

Mallory Stuparich, MD
Toshia Yamaguchi, MD
Changcheng Zhou, PhD

Ex Officio, Non-Voting
Senior Associate Dean, Medical Education
Executive Associate Dean, Student Affairs
Associate Dean, Medical Education Quality
Associate Dean, Assessment & Evaluation
Associate Dean, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Associate Dean, Clinical Skills Education and Innovation
Associate Dean, Pre-clerkship Medical Education
Director, Academic Success 
Course/Clerkship/Thread directors 
Four additional medical students

Administrative Contact: Mary Voss

Medical School Admissions Committee

Takesha Cooper, MD (Chair)

Committee membership is anonymous to prevent bias.

Administrative Contact: Michelle Fulbright

Progress and Promotions Committee

William Hunt, MD (Chair)
Meera Nair, PhD (Vice Chair)
Elaine Nguyen, MD
Mario Sims, PhD
Esther McGowan, MD
Afshin Molkara, MD
Jose Alfaro Quezada, MD

Administrative Contact: Shawn Christianson

Graduate Advisory Committee

Seema Tiwari-Woodruff, PhD (Chair)
Djurdjica Coss, PhD (Vice-Chair)
Martin Garcia-Castro, PhD (Graduate Advisor Recruitment and Admissions)
Sika Zheng, PhD (Graduate Advisor of Enrolled Students)
Ansel Hsiao, PhD
Sean O’Leary, PhD
Viji Santhakumar, PhD

Administrative Contact: Hermila Torres

Clinical Appointments and Advancements Committee

Rajesh Gulati, MD (Chair)
Afshin Molkara, MD (Vice-Chair)
Lama Al-Khoury, MD
Dalia Balsamo, MD
Roberto Castanos, MD
Marc Debay, MD
Ali Motabar, MD
Adwoa Osei, MD

Administrative Contact: Monique Tessier

Volunteer Clinical Appointments and Advancements Committee

Kenneth Ballou, MD (Chair)
William Hunt, MD
Ijeoma Ijeaku, MD, MPH
Larry Loo, MD
Sharon Lum, MD
Jon Persichino, DO
Alina Popa, MD
Javier Sanchez. MD
Joanne Witkowski, MD

Administrative Contact: Eliana Martinez/Andrea Morales

Additional SOM Committees that Report to the Dean

Health Sciences Compensation Plan Advisory Committee

Scott Pegan, PhD (Chair)
Darren Freeman, DO (Vice chair)
Maria Aldana (Ex-officio)
Tim Collins, EdD (Ex-officio)
Iryna Ethell, PhD, (Ex-officio)
Rajesh "Robby" Gulati, MD
Paul Hackman, JD (Ex-officio)
Victor Ortiz (Ex-officio)
Michelle Porche, EdD
Jean Russell, MD
Emma Simmons, MD, MPH

Administrative Contact: Miguel Guerrero

Compliance Committee

Deborah Deas, MD, MPH
Paul Hackman, JD
Maria Aldana, MBA
Kiersten Boyce, JD
Christine Davis, CHC
Ingrid Fahr
Armando Gauna
Andres Gonzalez, MD
Ian R. Harazduk
Donald Larsen, MD
Irene Levintov
Gregory Moore
Victor Ortiz, JD
Matthew Summerville, MBA
Sylvia Vasquez
Noelle Vidal, JD

Administrative Contact: Daphne Zamora

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Takesha Cooper, MD (Co-chair and Equity Advisor)
Jose Aguilar, MD (Clinical Science Faculty)
Branden Barger (Medical Student)
Cheri Black (Staff)
Michelle Burroughs, MPH (Staff)
Monica Carson, PhD (Basic Science Faculty)
James Addison Cook, MD (Resident)
Wonder Edem (Student)
Iryna Ethell, PhD (Basic Science Faculty)
Erin Fletcher, MD (Resident)
Byron Ford, PhD (Basic Science Faculty)
Ross French, MA (Staff)
Paul Hackman, JD (Staff)
Nate McLaughlin, MD (Clinical Science Faculty)
Wydette Morales (Staff)
Adwoa Osei, MD (Clinical Science Faculty)
Maurizio Pellecchia, PhD (Basic Science Faculty)
Josue Reynaga (Student)
Nina Ruedas, MS (Staff)
Sylvia Vasquez (Staff)
Jami Woods, MD (Clinical Science Faculty)

Administrative Contact: Kadeja Hodge

Faculty Mentoring Program Committee

Iryna Ethell, PhD (Chair)
Rosemary Tyrrell, EdD (Co-chair)
Marc Debay, MD
Erica Heinrich, MD
Marcus Kaul, PhD
Adwoa Osei, MD

Administrative contact: Monique Tessier


These subcommittees operate under the auspices of the standing committees as codified in the faculty bylaws.

Conflict of Interest Committee

Sadikah Bebehani, MD (Chair)
Brandon Brown, PhD
Takesha Cooper, MD, MS
Byron Ford, PhD
Robbie Gulati, MD
Elizabeth Morrison-Banks, MD, MSEd
Adowa Osei, MD
Remus Popa, MD
Victor Ortiz, JD  (ex-officio)
Paul Hackman, JD (ex-officio)

Administrative contact: Daphne Zamora

Clerkship Curriculum Subcommittee

Pablo Joo, M.D. (Chair)
Lama Al-Khoury, MD
Elizabeth Arce
Kenneth Ballou, MD
Amanpreet Bilg (Student)
Cheri Black, MEd, MS
Lauren Bonser
Kendrick Davis, PhD
Byron Ford, PhD
David L. Franklin, PsyD
Christina Granillo, PhD
Rajesh Gulati, MD
Stephanie Handler
Pamela Hunter
Ahmed Mahmoud, MD
Afshin Molkara, MD
Elizabeth Morrison-Banks, MD MSEd
John Nevin, MD
Adwoa Osei, MD, FAAP
Remus Popa, MD
Shawn Sampson, MBA
Emma M. Simmons, MD
Mallory Stuparich, MD
Rosemary Tyrrell, EdD
Lauren Valko
Padmini Varadarajan, MD
Kathleen Witty
Samuel Zidovetzki, MD

Administrative contact: TBA

Pre-Clerkship Curriculum Subcommittee

Maurizio Pellecchia, PhD (Co-Chair)
Adolfo Aguilera, MD
Moazzum Bajwa, MD, MPH, MSc
Devin Binder, MD/PhD
Monica Carson, PhD
Nick DiPatrizio, PhD
Mo Entezampour, PhD
Iryna Ethell, PhD
David Franklin, PsyD
Adam Godzik, PhD
Nandini Gowda, MD
Christina Granillo, PhD
William Hunt, MD
Paul Kellerman, MD
Declan McCole, PhD
Meera Nair, PhD
Adwoa Osei, MD
Remus Popa, MD
Mallory Stuparich, MD
Seema Tiwari-Woodruff, PhD
Bhavesh Trikamji, MD
Rosemary Tyrrell, EdD
Padmini Vadarajan, MD
Sika Zheng, PhD
Changcheng Zhou, PhD

Administrative contact: Tracy Bereal

Professional Development Committee

Daniel Teraguchi, EdD
Kenneth Ballou, MD
TBD, Clinical Member
TBD, BioMed Member

Administrative contact: Cheri Black

Professionalism Executive Committee

Robby Gulati, MD (Chair)
Larry Loo, MD
Emma Simmons, MD, MPH (ex officio)
Rosemary Tyrrell, EdD
Sika Zheng, PhD

Administrative contact: Cheri Black

Professional Remediation Committee

Elizabeth Morrison-Banks, MD, MSEd
Remus Popa, MD
Seema Tiwari-Woodruff, PhD

Research Committee

David Lo, MD, PhD
Asma Jafri, MD
Simon Linwood, MD, MBA
Daniel Novak, PhD
Iryna Ethell, PhD
Mark Wolfson, PhD
Seema K. Tiwari-Woodruff, MD

Administrative contact: Lisa Perkins